Pursue the Dream

Jondalar 100cm x 80cm

100cm x 80cm

And so, I began to pursue the dream.

How many of you have seen inside artist’s studios, dusty paintings stacked up against one another, nonchalantly leaning against the nearest wall? Multiply this by two, taking up not only the third bedroom but also the study. “Sell them!” My husband mutters as he passes the door negotiating his way around the canvases. It took a while to get my head around the fact that the subject matter of my work does not necessarily fit commercial market requirements and I wasn’t about to compromise.

Then, while surfing the net as one does, I discovered that the Gold Coast Regional Council has a funding program for new projects with an emphasis on collaboration, education on the Gold Coast. This was a Ah Ha moment.

I had found a use for those dusty paintings in the form of an an inaugural performance following the concept ‘Life Imitates Art’, The paintings would carry the principal role of script and choreography, with dancers introduced as the supporting act imitating art alongside the lighting designers and Artistic Directors. Watching creativity in action is the audience, their responses integral to the success of the performance.

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