A Dose of Optimism

Pg1 Presentation
The work had begun. Have you ever read lots of jargon and felt your brain twisting into a knot of confusion?

Yup, after printing off the paperwork, then googling required reading, my head was spinning. It never fails to amaze how little can be said with so many words. Armed with a highlighter pen, paper was shuffled, each point noted in vivid orange until finally sense was made of a multitude of words. The upshot was, requirements included a venture showing originality of thought, reflecting the Gold Coast culture, where knowledge sharing, new talent and community was to be pivotal in the decision making process.

And then? Then there was the budget. I have an accountancy background and thought this part of the process would be a shoo in, but got that wrong too. Three attempts later, the program for presentation came together. It was like piecing a jig saw together, but the crunch came when I realised there was going to be a significant gap between the required funding and the total cost of the production. Next question was, how to pay the deficit?

With a shrug of the shoulders and a dose of optimism, the decision was made to see if we are successful for the funding.

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