How to be an Artistic Ditz

Was I ever excited when the notification came through advising of time and place when I was to front up to a panel of three to put my concept forward as a brilliant idea. As back up, I took along with me Marissa Burgess as my Co-producer and Artistic Director.

Armed with power point presentation and notes, in we went and were met by people who scared the hell out me simply because they were the decision makers.  They couldn’t have been nicer as I lost the plot and became the ditsy artistic nutter waving my arms around frantically, completely at odds with Marissa’s calm and logical presentation.


Needless to say, we didn’t get the funding. But, there is an opportunity to try again September 2016. The upside is, I now know what to expect and best of all, I now have more time to get another series of paintings together to make this project bigger and better.

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