Life Imitates Art

A number of years ago, I was gazing out my office window, when a flight of fantasy materialized envisaging an interactive center for all things art, performing, visual and auxiliary, a place where the public could view the workings of the creative process. At the time I was working a 9 – 5 job the purpose of which was to survive.

The dream languishing in the grey realm of reality predicated each painting completed as work commitments allowed.  The art world has been central to my life both as spectator and participant. I started at the age of five as a budding ballerina, the highlight of my short career being a stint with the NZ Ballet, followed by a number of years teaching the art of dance to other budding ballerina’s. Life and marriage took over and painting took center stage where my love for the human body and its well toned relationship to rhythm and movement became the principal focus. This, and my discovery of the latest phenomena of Life Imitating Art sparked the impetus to move forward with the project dreamt of all those years ago.

      • The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci by Ecumenical group performed for a live audience at St. Anthony’s Parish in Dubuque,
      • Gustav Klimt’s Iconic Gold Paintings Recreated by Real Models
      • Last Supper 2
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